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Project Description
Visual Agile is a simplified agile project management tool, which is done using the concepts of "Kanban Boards" (a Just-In-Time pull control method in Toyota Production System), for getting things done by Team. It's combination of MVC, MVCnExt, Spring.Net and NHibernate.

Visual Agile 1.0 is a free, non-profit, ethical open source project use latest web technologies to provide simplified way of managing agile projects using Kanban board, focused to play role in “Shaping world's thinking about how best to combat social problems”.

Visuagile focused more on Agile approach and more on providing speed and simplicity.

Find updates to the Visual Agile on my blog:
Or try out the app for yourself.

Below are the mainly focused features.
  • Visual Kanban Board for visualized project's task status intuitively, like cards on a wall.
  • Visual Burndown Chart for visualized amount of remaining tasks and the project's velocity,.
  • Visual Smiley Calendar for visualized team's mood, as it grows, new features and tools will be added.

Planned features.
  • Email notification/report.
  • Serach functionality (based on Card, Name or Observations).
  • List view, default will be Card view.
  • Visual Team Foundation Server (VSTS) integration.
  • Scrum dashboard i.e. ability to hide Releases , Iterations and providing more space for Stories and Tasks.
  • Implementing other Agile Metrics like Burn rate, Defects, Delivered functionality etc...

Visual Agile is done using combination of below technologies. MVC (V1.0) & MVCnExt – Presentation layer and Business layer
Spring.Net–Dependency injection
NHibernate –Database layer

Visuagile is not just a software project - it is a prime example of responsible usage of OpenSource software to benefit others. Please tell others and help spread the word about ethical-based software development.

Here are a few examples of how you can help:
  1. Download Visuagile banner and place it on your website or blog.
  2. Send a link to to your IT department or your project manager.

Feel free to explore yourself and let me know how I can make it better!


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